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Claridge Moulded Fibres Ltd.
CMFL a part of Parijat Enterprises is a pioneer in the field of Moulded Pulp Packaging and started the first egg tray unit in India, in 1966. At that time most farmers were packing and transporting their eggs in straw baskets. This resulted in a lot of damage during transit. CMFL revolutionized the concept of the “Safe Egg Tray” and ever since then all Indian poultry farmers have switched to this form of packing only.
In 1978, CMFL was a pioneer to launch the Apple tray in H.P. India. The magnificent Himalayan forests were being cut down at an alarming rate to make throw away wooden crates. Today every orchard owner has realized the need to switch over to eco friendly CMFL trays with cartons. Besides ecological benefits, orchard owners enjoy better price realizations for apples packed in this modern scientific method of packing.
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