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Consolidated Segment Wise Revenue, Results & Capital Employed Under Clause 41 of The Listing Agreement for The Quarter Ended 31st March, 2010

Shareholders Information
      ( Rs. in lacs )
Particulars Quarterended
(Unaudited )
AccountingYear ended
(Unaudited )
AccountingYear ended
(Audited )
1.Segment Revenue      
(a) Petrochemical 376.93 1,581.47 2,000.53
(b) Trading 1,051.32 3,515.29 2,769.36
(c) Packaging 1,869.41 6,584.72
(d) Automobiles 8,283.76 25,995.44 18,355.25
Total 11,581.42 37,676.92 23,125.14
Less : Inter Segment Revenue
Net Sales / Income from Operations 11,581.42 37,676.92 23,125.14
2.Segment Results      
[Profit(+)/Loss(-) before tax and      
Interest from each segment ]      
(a) Petrochemical 25.61 265.54 171.44
(b) Trading 20.75 71.63 15.63
(c) Packaging 138.61 692.81
(d) Automobiles 274.00 923.99 526.99
Total 458.97 1,953.96 714.06
Add:(i) Interest (287.48) (656.36) (529.80)
      (ii)Other unallocable 317.18 1,014.97 548.24
          income net off      
          unallocable expenditure      
      (iii) Exceptional item 312.00
Total Profit Before Tax 488.67 2,312.57 1,044.50
3.Capital Employed      
(Segment assets-segment liabilities)      
(a) Petrochemical 524.61 524.61 619.37
(b) Automobiles 3,696.05 3,696.05 2,161.96
(c) Trading 124.30 124.30 352.19
(d) Packaging 5,096.06 5,096.06
(e) Unallocable 11,267.52 11,267.52 10,080.18
Total 20,708.54 20,708.54 13,213.70
1. The above results have been reviewed by Audit Committee and were taken on record by the Board of Directors at their meeting held on 29th April, 2010.
2.The consolidated results represents the results of Business operations of the Company, its subsidiary companies USL Shinrai Automobiles Ltd (100%), USL     Auto Services Ltd (100%), its Joint Venture Oriental Containers Ltd (30%) and its associate National Cotton Products Private Limited (38%). 
3. Since the company has adopted policy of declaring Quarterly consolidated results   from the current financial year hence accordingly quarterly figure have not      been given.
4. Figures for the previous year ended 31st March, 2009 are not comparable as the same does not include the result of Oriental Containers Ltd which has been      consolidated from 1st April, 2009 as a Joint Venture.
5.The Board of Directors of the Company at their meeting held on 27th November 2009 has, subject to approvals of Shareholders,Stock Exchange, Hon’ble High    Court Bombay  and other approvals as may be necessary, approved the scheme of amalgamation of Naman Tradvest P. Ltd & Zeuxtile Investments P. Ltd with the   company. The appointed date for amalgamation is 1st October 2009.  The Company has received approval from the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. for the    proposed scheme of amalgamation and has filed an application with Hon’ble High Court Bombay on 23rd April 2010 for convening and dispensing meeting of    Equity Shareholders, Unsecured Creditors and Secured Creditors . No effect of amalgamation is given in the above results pending approval from the Hon’ble     High Court Bombay.  
By Order of the Board For Oricon Enterprises Ltd.
Place : Mumbai
Date : April 29, 2010
( Rajendra Somani )
Managing Director
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