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Scrutinizer Report - 48th AGM
Letter Signing of Term Sheet
Appointment of Nodal Officer
Notice of Board Meeting 14-02-2018
Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting of Shareholders - 24.02.2018
Notice of Postal Ballot-10.11.2017 to 09.12.2017
Postal Ballot Form -25.01.2018 to 23.02.2018
Scrutinizers Report
Postal Ballot Form-10.11.2017 to 09.12.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 13-11-2017
Outcome of Board Meeting - 27.10.2017
Scrutinizers Report
Newspaper Advertisement - Financials - 30.06.2017
Newspaper Advertisment - Notice of Baord Meeting
Notice of Board Meeting 14-09-2017
Newspaper Advertisement of Postal Ballot
Postal Ballot Form
Postal Ballot Notice
Scrutinizers Report 47th AGM
OPPL -Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting of Shareholders
Newspaper Advertisement - NCLT Convened Meeting - 19.08.2017
Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting of Shareholders
Postal Ballot - NCLT Convened Meeting of Shareholders
Newspaper Advertisement - 47th Annual General Meeting
Newspaper Advertisement - Financials - 31.03.2017
Newspaper Advetisement 30.05.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 30-05-2017
Newspaper Advertisement - Financials - 31.12.2016
Notice of Board Meeting-14.02.2017
Newspaper Advertisement-14.2.2017
Newspaper Advertisement-14.11.2016
Notice of Board Meeting-14.11.2016
Voting results of 46th AGM
46th Annual General Meeting
Notice of Board Meeting
Notice of Board Meeting
Terms of Appointment of Independent Director
Notice of Board Meeting
Scrutinizers Report 45th AGM
Notice of candidature
Notice of Book Closure 2015
45th Annual General Meeting
Scrutinizer Report Postal Ballot
Scrutinizer Report on E-voting
Report of Scrutinizer
Combined Scrutinizer Report
44th Annual General Meeting
Postal Ballot Notice
Notice of Book Closure
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